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Jesse Claven

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I’m a ⍚ software engineer—and sometimes a ⛰ photographer or ♤ designer.

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Fine-tuning an LLM on my messages (WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger)

2024-06-25 ・ large-language-models, prototype, side-project, retrospective

Using Autumn with NimblePublisher for synax highlighting

2024-05-22 ・ Elixir, NimblePublisher

A partially wrong TF-IDF in Flix

2024-05-05 ・ tf-idf, natural-language-processing, Flix, side-project, retrospective

Programming: Imperative to Functional to Logic

2024-02-23 ・ functional, imperative, logic, programming



Climate Policy Radar

Senior MLOps/Data Engineer

2024-07 — Current

Building the evidence base for evidence-based decision-making.

climate-change, ClimateTech, machine-learning, artificial-intelligence, MLOps, data, Python


Senior Software Engineer (ML/AI)

2023-08 — 2024-06

Unlock the power of MLOps.

machine-learning, artificial-intelligence, MLOps, Python, Go


Senior Software Engineer

2019-12 — 2023-07

Duffel offers the most powerful and intuitive tools for starting and growing a travel business. Search, book, and manage flights across airlines all around the world—all through one single platform.

Elixir, API

Ava (Jazz Networks)

Software Engineer

2016-12 — 2019-10

Ava is an insider threat detection and response platform. After only 2 years in development it proved its superiority over other new and old solutions. Acquired by Motorola in 2022.

Go, Elm, event-streaming, API, machine-learning


Software Engineer

2015-05 — 2016-06

One-stop travel site.

Java, JavaScript, Swift, design, natural-language-processing, machine-learning



Raycast extension for Himalaya

An implementation on the multi-UI paradigm for Raycast and Himalaya.

macOS, email, Raycast, Himalaya


This application listens for when the macOS interface theme changes and then does some thing(s). For now, it's hardcoded to switching my kitty and Neovim themes to match the new theme.

macOS, Neovim, kitty


The experiment is to separate the system from the client. That means that you can interact with the system through different locations. You could have a browser extension, a Raycast extension, a menu bar app, etc.

Rust, Swift, workflow

Toshiba TV control proxy

I'm using a Homebridge HTTP switch to turn it on and off, and to know the status—through Homekit (Siri). The issue with turning it on though is that sometimes the TV is in a state where it responds to Wake-on-LAN but not to DIAL requests. This control proxy sends both when turning the TV on.

Rust, HomeKit, Homebridge


Generate common entries for a Brewfile.




Flix Book

Documentation fixes

docs, Flix

Kubebuilder Book

Documentation fixes



Inference, batch jobs, and more

Python, ML, MLOps, fix, feat, docs, refactor

Seldon Core

Improvements and bug fixes

Go, Kubernetes, MLOps, fix, feat, refactor, docs


New functionality around power management

music, macOS, feat, Swift



Bachelor of Engineering — Software (Honours) at University of Queensland

Thesis (Undergraduate)

Technology-supported activities through realtime, distributed, and collaborative interfaces


Traditionally user interfaces have been designed for a single user using one common device type—e.g. someone on a computer visiting a website. With the internet and mobile devices now being commonplace, interfaces could take advantage of being distributed across devices and working collaboratively with others in real-time. While there have been attempts to to handle this (e.g. Google Docs), they have so far been in a limited, prescribed manner. A proposed concept is put forward to design and build a new approach for a distributed and real-time collaborative user interface focusing on the concept of having a workspace with components that the user is able to freely use in a real-time manner. It is based upon existing web browsers and devices. Parts of the UI can be distributed across separate platforms. A prototype of a workspace for education is included and user testing of the prototype shows positive experiences and results for the users.

Full thesis ↗

Prototype ↗


I’m available through Mastodon ↗ for mixed chat and GitHub ↗ for various projects/contributions and collaboration.


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