Jesse Claven

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Raycast extension for Himalaya ↗

macOS, email, Raycast, Himalaya

An implementation on the multi-UI paradigm for Raycast and Himalaya.

Brewfile ↗ ↗


Generate common entries for a Brewfile.

AppearanceNotifier ↗

macOS, Neovim, kitty

This application listens for when the macOS interface theme changes and then does some thing(s). For now, it's hardcoded to switching my kitty and Neovim themes to match the new theme.

Arduino-DDP ↗

Arduino, C++

A simple implementation of DDP (version 1) for Arduinos.

AutoVolume ↗

Swift, macOS

AutoVolume automatically sets the volume of macOS to a specified volume. At the moment it only fires on sleep. For example, the primary use case is to set the system volume to 0 when waking from sleep to save being surprised if you were listening to music quite loud before you closed it and fell asleep.