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Compile Tree-sitter langs for Emacs 29 on an M1

2022-12-20 ・ Tree-sitter, Emacs

Recently I tried Emacs 291 and began slimming down my config2. Following the Tree-sitter starter guide3, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to start the appropriate mode. I would get errors along the lines of, Cannot activate tree-sitter, because language definition for ....

After double-checking file paths and names, I compared my local build output of the recommend build script4 to the provided release—which did work .

The provided release was compiled for x86_64 and my local build output was for arm64. That wasn’t wrong, as I am on an M1.

Here’s the a simple and lazy to compile for x64_64 and have it work: arch -x86_64 ./